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is a collaborative process to reinvent spaces and transforming them into places for the community, based on the identities and needs of each neighborhood.

...There is something contagious en about having a group of kids, strangers and artists that get together and take over a place that people think is forgotten. 


We collaborate with communities to make dynamic, healthy and safe night spots that express identity and strengthen community ties.

From a process of collective thinking and making in the laboratory, we work as a team with the youth to materialize in the public space a common design of intervention around light. And then, we activate the transformed space so that the communities can re-signify it as a place for people and their neighborhood dynamics. 

Help us to build community by placemaking!

With your collaboration we can transform more neighborhoods into safe, dynamic and community places.

ALUMBRA is a project by Colectivo Barrio

Iniciativa Ciudadana para el Desarrollo Barrial A.C.

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