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(Light / co-creation)

space for learning and light exploration in which new technical and essential skills are acquired, and where the youth collectively develop ideas for artistic creation that will transform a space into a common place.

...I can put light in my room.
In other words,
 what I learned here, I can do at home... 


We work for young people to acquire skills and knowledge that will enable them to understand the role that light plays in our lives. We focus on light's potential as a tool that, beyond the functional aspect, transforms the environment, conveys messages and communicates emotions. What they learn has various applications as a professional practice.

During the laboratory, dynamics of exploration of public space are generated so that the exchange and mapping of their collective experiences are a starting point for the process of designing and placemaking

Help us to build community by placemaking!

With your collaboration we can transform more neighborhoods into safe, dynamic and community places.

ALUMBRA is a project by Colectivo Barrio

Iniciativa Ciudadana para el Desarrollo Barrial A.C.

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