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in cities, the population with the lowest income has 6 times less access to public spaces than the population with the highest income.


works with young people to reinvent public space by inspiring neighbors to make places and build community at night. 

Every person has the right to participate in making the place they live in, the best place.

We work  with local organizations and directly with youth in each community to improve their life opportunities and promote the development of their identity and creativity.



Through collaborative processes, the youth explores their neighborhood dynamics:, how they live it, how they work in it, cohabitate it, transit through it and experience it, especially at night. At the same time, we share tools to make light a language for them to express their identities in a creative way. The objective is to collectively transform  the public space through artistic lighting to meet the community’s needs and interests, and promote the welfare of every person.


The work we do with the youth is always guided by two complementary pillars:


where the collective creation to transform a space takes shape through the exploration and learning about artistic lighting,


reinvention of a community place through intervention

in public space and night activations.

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Help us to build community by placemaking!

With your collaboration we can transform more neighborhoods into safe, dynamic and community places.

ALUMBRA is a project by Colectivo Barrio

Iniciativa Ciudadana para el Desarrollo Barrial A.C.

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