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We are a community of women who seek to propose social initiatives based on the combination of our talents and passions.


The team must respond to the enormous challenge of transforming cities from a human rights perspective, so we bring people with similar goals and propose actions from different gazes together.

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Paola is an activist and human rights defender. She has more than 12 years of experience in education and development.




She has a master's degree in International Development (DC, USA) and a bachelor's degree in Political Science


Paola González-Rubio Novoa

Community Development 

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Cecilia is a lighting designer with more than 13 years of experience in artistic, architectural and event lighting.

She has a master's degree in Light and Lighting Sciences (London, UK) and she is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer (CDMX, MX).

Cecilia González Barragán

Production and Lighting

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Sofía is a multidisciplinary artist, with experience in space design for the performing arts, art direction and architectural lighting projects.


She has a master's degree in Lighting Design (NY, USA) and a degree in Industrial Design (CDMX, MX).

Sofía Arredondo Reynaud

Learning program

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Andrea has more than 14 years focused on business development and strategies, mainly in the fintech industry.


She has a bachelor’s degree in International Trade


Andrea González-Rubio Novoa

Institutional Development 


Montserrat is an architect whose practice is situated in the intersection between activism, arts and research.

She has participated in the management of international architecture meetings, editorial projects and initiatives for the right to the city.

Montserrat Quintanar Vázquez

Mapping and research 

Lorena Novoa Foglio


Virginie Martin-Onraët Arciniegas

Inclusion and diversity

Zaira Razú Aznar


Very special thanks to our friends who without hesitation have supported the development of Alumbra with their talent and dedication.

Paulina Campos, photographer.

Ana Rojas, designer/illustrator.

Teresa de Miguel, photographer.

Our manifesto


Empowerment of (young) people to transform their lives.


Planning and implementation with a long-term vision to generate sustained change.


Art as an expression of identity and new ways to relate to the environment.


Commitment to use local and sustainable materials to promote community-focused solutions.


Creativity as a catalyst of change from innovative perspectives.


Promotion of circular design to minimize waste and protect the environment.


Participatory planning to always respond to the context and the unique needs of the neighborhood.

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Guarantee responsible energy consumption, through renewable alternatives and efficient and low-consumption technologies.


Gender, diversity and human rights perspective to include all people.


Anticipate unintended negative consequences (e.g. gentrification, vandalism, conflicts).

Join us!

If you are interested in joining the ALUMBRA community, send us a message telling us how you think you could collaborate and what you could learn along the way.

ALUMBRA is a project by Colectivo Barrio

Iniciativa Ciudadana para el Desarrollo Barrial A.C.

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